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Cigarette Rolling Machines for the Discriminating (& Uncoordinated) Smoker

If you smoke, you know how high the price of pack is. The solution is: buy your own cigarette rolling machine. You can then buy your poison in bulk and roll it to your own specs. Sure, you could hand roll, but the results aren’t that great: you get bits on your tongue & they tend to fall apart.

You can blend your own, make the cigarettes as dense as you want, add filters or not. Buying in bulk direct from the grower is great because you’ll know exactly what you’re getting & you get the extra satisfaction of depriving the greedy middle men of their profits! And if you buy organic or “natural” tobacco, you won’t be inhaling all those nasty additives. And just think how creative you can get with the blending…oh, the possibilities! Sites like have flavorings you can add to the tobacco–mix it up a little. You’ll also have your choice of rolling papers or cigarette tubes (pre-glued, ready to fill paper). They have different thicknesses, materials, burning time and they even come flavored! (Juicy Jays makes a TON of awesome flavors.)

cigarette papers

Now, for the rolling machine: this may sound obvious, but read the instructions before you start–it’ll save you a lot of aggravation. Additional hints: you’ll get a more densely packed, even cigarette if you slightly crush the tobacco before putting it in the machine. One easy way of doing this is to put a bunch of leaf in a baggie, seal it up and roll a glass over it.

"cigarette rolling machine"

There are several types of cigarette rollers:
–electric rolling machines are available if you’re really lazy or want to make a big batch all at once.
–the non-electric variety come in a few different styles. some are really basic, like the ZigZag roller. others use a crank or a sliding-type mechanism to pack the tobacco. some cigarette rollers are a roller & case in one handy container.
–then there’s the cigarette injector machine: these use tubes and the machine just injects the perfect amount and you’re all done. you can add filters or not.
–if you want a fattie, you can buy a “blunt” or “cigar” roller.

And there you have it: my take on cigarette rolling machines!


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